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The Laundry Soap Finishing Line is a combination of machines required to transform the soap noodles and the related ingredients into formulated, stamped soap bars which can be used for laundry purposes.

Every Customer's requirement is unique and hence every offer of ours is tailored to suit our customer's requirement. That's the biggest advantage of working with us. We give you the machines that you need.

Laundry Soap Finishing Line: Products

Our Offerings

Laundry Soap Finishing Line is like a Jigsaw Puzzle and Each of the machine in the line needs to be in complete sync with each other to get the maximum output. Using our Technical expertise, We design the Line in such a manner that it works flawlessly and also in future it can be easily modified to scale up the production.

Sigma Mixer

Sigma Mixer.jpg

Our Sigma Mixer is a U Shaped kneading machine with two horizontally arranged Z blades, which are deeply geared into one another and strip themselves reciprocally. The Z blades run to a ratio 1:2 in opposite direction. Because of their differential speed, the blade sides approach and withdraw alternately. This causes high pressure tensile and shearing rates and therefore heavy friction in the kneading medium, which creates excellent dispersing and homogeneity. The shape of the blades enables a steady flow of material from the side walls of the trough to the middle of the kneading trough.

Triple Roller Mill

Roller Mill_edited.jpg

Triple Roller Mill's main purpose is to refine the soap. Our Triple Roller Mills are way better than the tradional mills available in market and overcomes the key defects of design, maintenance, traditional gear transmissions and poor power distribution of independently driven rolls. We use the latest in rolls metallurgy and manufacturing technique and new very efficient cooling, easy gap setting and strong structural strength design.

Milling gives plasticity to soap due to the mechanical actions given to the extruded soap noodles. The different speeds of the rolls make the noodles slide with shear effect and convert it to thin flakes with elimination or reduction of granulometry of any not homogenized ingredient or any dry specks.

Duplex Vacuum Plodder

Duplex Vaccumm Plodder.jpg

Duplex Vacuum Plodders are designed for homogenizing, refining, compressing and extruding the processed soap flakes in form of a continuous soap bar, through the die-plate which gives the required shape to the soap bar. The majority of our plodders are customized units which are available with different layout combinations, different L/D (length to diameter) ratios, use of various materials, several and customized screw (worm) designs, multiple options and of course are offered in different sizes as per your production requirement.

Soap Cutter

Cutting Machine (1).png

Our Soap Cutters have been designed to cut continuously extruded soap bars from 8 to 1000 mm. The cutting length can be changed easily and immediately on the touch panel while the unit is in operation. Our Soap Cutting Machine are driven by Motors and hence are very accurate. Our Soap Cutting Machine can cut very long soap bars required as per the market and customer requirements. We can also provide embossing rollers for Soap bar printing in the center of top or side.

Laundry Soap Finishing Line: Services

Flow Wrap Machine

Flow Wrap.jpg

Our Soap Flow Wrapping Machine is suitable to wrap soap bars (stamped soap bars or just cut soap bars), using the wrapping material: BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) from reel (max: 50 microns). Soap Feeder is an unit suitable to transfer soap bars coming from the cutter or press, in single line, into the flow-wrapper. Our Soap Flow Wrapping Machine is capable of Speed ranging from 100 to 350 packed soaps per minute.

Soap Bundling Machine

Bundling Machine.jpg

Our Soap Bundling Machine has been designed specifically keeping in mind the basic features suitable for the soap industry and with all the necessary flexibility to be able to form any of the so many different combinations required in the various world markets. It’s a modular machine with various kits to be added and combined. This soap bundling machine can be fed with cartoned soap bars, wrapped soap bars or naked soap bars (and any compatible product).

Laundry Soap Finishing Line: Services
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